The secret to having a curriculum vitae (CV) that executive search company will scramble over lies in the combination of four different elements, namely:

  1. A coherent career story
  2. A sense of accuracy (with respect to tenures of experience, awards, and the likes)
  3. A proper set of value-adding achievements
  4. A narrative that gets straight to the point and tells headhunters all they need to know about your capabilities

Admittedly, crafting an impressive CV that’s significant enough to secure a desired job can be a fairly daunting task that even the most experienced of professionals still struggle with. With executive search organisations sifting through nearly thousands of different CVs every day, you will feel pressured to stand out and grab the attention of a specialist if you want to end up in the right organisation.

Keep in mind that it is a necessity that your CV should stand out as best as possible from the other submissions it’s being pitted against. Fortunately, having a CV that carries a great deal of executive search appeal isn’t as difficult or nerve-wracking as you may expect. In fact, there are a few key tips that work regardless of whether you’re applying for a senior or entry-level position.

If you want to ensure that your CV will stand out in the best way possible and takes you exactly where your career goal should be, here are a few tips to best represent yourself on a potentially-life-changing piece of paper:


  1. Establish who you are as a professional with a summary

Given the limited time that executive search organisations have when viewing your CV, it’s ideal to get onto showing who you are and what you can do right off the bat with a summary.

The most effective summaries boil down a professional’s greatest career achievements into four or five bullet points that tell all that a company needs to know when gauging an applicant’s capabilities. By placing your summary at the top of your CV, you’ll be able to market yourself from the beginning by establishing what you can offer and why an executive search organisation should go deeper into your CV.


  1. Swap out generic descriptors with applicable facts

One common error that aspiring professionals make when developing their CVs is that they rely on descriptors like “great leadership” or “a hard worker” to sum up their skills.

Instead of bombarding your CV with generic descriptors that make it sound like the most bland and inexperienced piece of writing, opt to use statistics that best demonstrate your skills and achievements. For instance, inserting a small excerpt from one of your reports that says how much profit you made with a project and how you contributed to it works better than saying you’re a “great team player.”


  1. Be authentic with what you put on your CV

It doesn’t get any more simple than only writing down what you’ve truly accomplished and where you actually worked on your CV. We can’t count exactly how many times we’ve immediately disregarded a CV for having false information. Keep in mind that executive search companies actually research on what you’ve placed in your CV and that includes calling your references as well!


  1. Polish your grammar and be accurate with the way you write

As cliché as it sounds, when you have any typos, bad grammar, and sloppy writing mistakes, it will dramatically increase your CV’s chances of being slighted by an executive search organisation. Before you submit your CV, make sure that you double, triple, or even quadruple-check it for any potential grammatical errors that can be fixed right away.

In spite of the fact that most professionals perceive the task of crafting a CV as nearly-impossible, simply being aware of what to do and avoid will definitely suffice. As the next step towards achieving your lifelong goals, it is essential to create your CV with all the right pieces of knowledge in mind, and following the four tips in this article can undoubtedly help with that!

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