Case Study


Top Client Recruitment Challenges:

In the competitive landscape of the Automotive Finance industry, attracting and securing top talent can be a significant challenge.

That’s why our client, a prominent player in the industry, sought the expertise of Resilient Management Solutions. Our team worked closely with our client to ensure a seamless integration process for the newly acquired talent.

Through our expertise in change management and team dynamics, we facilitated open communication, fostered collaboration, and promoted a positive and inclusive work environment.

By focusing on team integration, we helped our client maximise the potential of their new hires and achieve enhanced productivity and synergy within their organisation.

Top 3 - Client Talent Challenges:

  • Challenge 1
  • Keep up with the latest advancements
  • Finding industry professional with the required skillset to deliver
  • Cultural alignment

How we solved it

Leveraging our industry expertise, we developed customized training and upskilling programs for their existing team members.

  • Challenge 2
  • Ensure a smooth transition and foster a collaborative work environment
  • Building trust and rapport between new hires and existing team members can take time.

How we solved it

Our 60-step search process includes implementing a comprehensive onboarding process that focused on cultural alignment and building strong relationships internally to ensure appointment success.

  • Challenge 3
  • Compensation & Benefits alignment
  • Team acceptance & delegation

How we solved it

We have an active bench of vertical-centric candidates that could match our client's requirements. We ulised that dataset to advise on the correct salary and package to best align to the team and equally planned the responsibilities and duties of the role accordingly.

Team Synergy

A stronger sense of unity, shared goals, and mutual support, leading to enhanced team performance and cohesion.

Cultural integration

Navigated cultural differences and achieved a harmonious working environment, leveraging diverse perspectives and experiences for better outcomes.

Assessed & Placed

Our team has a proven track record in assessing and placing top talent within integrated teams.

Our approach

At Resilient, we put seamless team integration first, to create a collaborative work environment where everyone can thrive. Through clear communication channels, mentorship programs, and encouraging open dialogue, we ensure that new hires seamlessly become a part of your existing team. Our focus on cultural awareness and sensitivity fosters an inclusive workplace where diverse perspectives are valued. Experience enhanced collaboration, improved communication, increased employee satisfaction, and accelerated productivity with our strategic approach to team integration

Timescales & Conclusion

Our 60-point TABS search process is a thorough methodology that goes beyond traditional talent acquisition. It involves a meticulous evaluation and assessment of candidates based on a wide range of criteria, including their skills, experience, cultural fit, and long-term potential within your organisation.

This rigorous process allows us to identify top talent who not only possess the necessary technical expertise but also align with your team’s dynamics and contribute to your organisational culture.Resilient understands the critical importance of seamless team integration for creating a collaborative and high-performing work environment. That’s why we have developed our unique and comprehensive TABS Methodology to ensure that new hires seamlessly integrate into your existing team.

  • Skill Alignment

The existing agency struggled to accurately assess skill sets, resulting in mismatches and ineffective team integration.

  • Onboarding

We developed a customized program that encompassed comprehensive orientation, role-specific training, and ongoing support.

  • D&I

We ensured that new hires from diverse backgrounds were integrated into the team seamlessly, fostering a culture of acceptance, creativity, and innovation.

Resilient Management at a glance

Resilient Management Solutions are committed to providing you with the highest quality of service; our consultants are trained to the highest standard so that we are capable of meeting this challenge.

When we are working on your search assignment, competitor analysis or market mapping project you can be sure that your organisation is consistently represented to the highest possible standards.

Selecting the right recruitment strategy is absolutely key to identifying the most talented individuals for your business, especially in a candidate centered market.

We are retained by many major Fintech clients for our highly collaborative and truly dynamic approach to identifying extremely talented, market centric individuals that offer more value than simply filling a role.


Honesty, integrity, quality and above all professionalism are the core values of our organisation. We encourage creativity and innovation within our business and offer the same to our clients by our refined processes, knowledge & dedication as well as the systems and results that we offer. This often means we do things differently; re-inventing traditional recruiting processes to attract, capture & onboard vertical centric individuals; often from a competitor.

Our business has an extremely strong customer focus; with a developed '60 point search process' that not only fulfills all that we take on, but it equally offers our clients a tactical advantage by attracting the right people with the correct background, persona & experience with mitigated risk.