Unlocking the potential of your business requires a keen understanding of your competitors. With over twenty years of experience in recruiting top talent within the Asset/Auto and Equipment Finance market, Resilient  have honed our expertise in competitor analysis. Our industry-leading executive search capabilities, and meticulous 60-point search process make us a trusted partner to identify the right professionals for our clients.

Market Intelligence team

Learn what your competitors are doing, and do better 

We use our extensive industry knowledge to create a detailed analysis of the market for you. Then we analyse your competitors' organisational structures, identify human capital patterns in relevant fields, markets, and sectors, and benchmark their positions and compensation packages against yours.

Get access to our tools and twenty-plus-years worth of market expertise. We'll help you understand everything about your competitors and make sure you're doing better.

As passive recruitment becomes inreasingly important in the talent sourcing market, competitor intelligence will play an essential role in acquiring the best suited candidate for your company. 

market Mapping

Data-Driven Approach

Making the numbers make sense

Our competitive intelligence will give us the latest insight on the market and industry. These data will help us come up with the best strategy in hiring the top talent that is matches a role's requirements.

  • Stay on top of the industry
  • Identify the best professionals from the competition
  • Make informed decisions

Local Talent Pool

Finding local talent

Using our database of passive candidates to track all the qualified candidates within your locality. We make sure that you get only the best talent in your area.

  • Get ahead of your competitors
  • Sourcing Demand
  • Availability of Talent
salary & benchmarking

Salary Benchmarking

Your packages vs your competitors'

By conducting extensive research into the job market, we can understand how to get the top talents by offering them a competitive packages.

  • Compensation Comparison
  • Benefits
  • Salary Assessment

Competitor Analysis

Capture your competitor's market sure

Market intelligence will give your company an edge by implementing the best practices of your competitors and developing a more effective strategy that will attract top talents.

  • Talent acquisition best practices
  • How candidates perceive your company
  • Research-driven recommendations
competitor analysis