Top UK Automotives Commits to Workforce Diversity and Inclusion 

Sixteen of the UK automotive industries’ biggest brands have come together for the first time to launch an Automotive Diversity & Inclusivity Charter. What does this mean for the wider agenda of workplace equality and diversity?   To achieve these goals, signatories committed to taking specific actions, including appointing a senior leader who would be responsible for leading the change throughout the business, embedding DE&”I” policies into the organisation’s core value system, improving recruiting processes to attract diverse talent, providing career progression opportunities and support for employees, ensuring flexibility in the workplace and encouraging greater inclusion of women and people from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, these companies also agreed to report on progress against these commitments annually.   The landmark program will help ensure that the industry continues to be inclusive by supporting initiatives aimed at retaining and attracting top talent from diverse backgrounds. By signing the charter, companies recognize that diversity and inclusion are both ethical and good for business. The benefits include increasing employees’ satisfaction, motivation, and engagement, which leads to increased productivity and retention; helping people make better decisions and solve problems; encouraging creative thinking from different points of view; and attracting talented workers to organisations.  

Promoting and Delivering DE&I in the Workplace

It’s important to promote and deliver Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in any industry because it helps create a culture where everyone feels safe, has a sense of belonging, and is empowered to reach his/her full potential.  
  “This Charter is a pivotal moment for the automotive industry – a collective pledge to drive positive change, drive out inequality, and demonstrate progress. UK Automotive is undergoing an immense transformation and our future success depends on attracting the best and brightest talent, irrespective of backgrounds, races, genders, cultures or abilities. A rich diversity of skills, perspectives and experience can give us a competitive advantage and I encourage the sector to support this important ambition.” Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive and Chair of the Automotive Council UK Competitiveness and Business Environment Group
Workforce diversity will not only attract top talent but also make your workplace thrive in differences.  

DE&I Laws in United Kingdom

  The new law for equal rights and opportunities came into effect in April 2011. It replaces the old 2010 legislation which covered different types of discrimination. The new act covers all forms of discrimination and creates one set of rules for everyone.   The battle against discrimination starts in the workplace.   For unique, hard to fill or niche roles in Fintech, reach out to Resilient Management Solutions. Leverage Resilient Management’s twenty plus years of expertise in Asset / Automotive & Equipment Finance / Fintech recruitment solutions. We believe that top talents can come f
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