Talent Search in Asset, Automotive and Equipment Finance: Navigating Top Trends of 2024

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for organisations to thrive and secure the best talent. While many industries are witnessing transformative changes, the Asset, Automotive and Equipment Finance sector stands out as a niche field that demands a unique approach to talent acquisition. 

As we look ahead to 2024, there are noteworthy trends that will shape the world of talent acquisition, especially within this specialised domain. Let’s delve into these trends and explore how organisations in within our domain can adapt to remain competitive in the talent market.

  1. Remote Work: A Permanent Shift

    The finance industry as a whole is experiencing a shift towards remote work, and Asset, Automotive and Equipment Finance is no exception. As remote work becomes a permanent trend, talent search consultancies such as Resilient will also assess candidates’ ability to excel in a virtual work environment, especially when dealing with complex financial instruments and transactions that require attention to detail.

    The finance industry as a whole, and the Asset, Automotive and Equipment Finance in particular, is undergoing a significant transformation driven by the rise of remote work and hybrid work models. As these models become increasingly prevalent, talent search consultancies like Resilient are adapting their strategies to assess candidates’ ability to thrive in a virtual work environment while maintaining the high standards of professionalism and attention to detail required for complex financial transactions.

    While the recent call for more in-office presence in the domain has sparked discussions, the trend towards remote work in the ‘Tech’ Sector remains strong. This shift has brought about several advantages, including increased flexibility, access to a wider talent pool, and potential cost savings for companies.

  2. Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Asset/Auto and Equipment Finance Talent Acquisition

In today’s dynamic and competitive Asset, Automotive and Equipment Finance landscape, cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce is not just a social responsibility but a strategic imperative. A talent pool rich in diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds fosters innovation, enhances problem-solving capabilities, and strengthens overall business resilience.

At Resilient, we recognise the transformative power of diversity and inclusion in the  industry. We are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment that attracts, develops, and empowers talent from all walks of life. Our inclusive talent acquisition practices ensure that we are not only tapping into a wider pool of potential candidates but also creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives.

  1. Employer Branding in the Spotlight

In 2024, your reputation as an employer in the Asset, Automotive and Equipment Finance market and the ‘Business Transformation’ landscape will significantly impact how one can attract top talent. Potential candidates are researching and evaluating potential employers based on their values, work culture, and social responsibility plus the Innovation they are bringing to the market.

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making

Within our domain, data is paramount. Utilising data analysis can help identify trends in the hiring process, enabling continuous improvement & decisioning. It’s a crucial step forwards offering a competitive advantage when it comes to mitigating risks, combating fraud & making better decisions. Therefore the choice of acquiring candidates with the precise skills required for this finance niche, is a must.

Our team implements our own data analytics tools to assess a candidate’s ability to work with complex financial solutions and to add value to our clients endeavors. Doing so ensures that our search process aligns with the specialised demands of the industry.

  1. Talent Pools and Continuous Engagement

Building and maintaining talent pools of passive candidates, especially those with embedded market knowledge, is essential. Engaging with these pools through regular communication and relationship-building is key to securing top talent when you need it.

We stay connected with top candidates, keeping an active bench of incredible talent, and continuously engage with industry updates and opportunities.


Data-driven decision-making, continuous engagement with talent pools, and a focus on upskilling and reskilling will be the norm. Providing a positive experience to candidates, helps is to build a rapport so that the candidates our clients need are primed and ready for when they are needed, especially for where our clients require very specialised knowledge. It goes without saying that adherence to regulations and compliance with financial laws remains a vital part of our clients’ businesses and the systems we deliver ensure those regulations and reporting laws are met.

To excel in this ever-changing landscape, Asset, Automotive and Equipment Finance companies need to adapt, embrace these trends, and remain diligent in their approach to attracting highly relevant candidates. Don’t let the changing face of talent within our domain sector hold you back. Embrace these trends, and partner with dedicated Talent Acquisition Consultancy like Resilient Management Solutions to secure the individuals your organisation needs to thrive in 2024 and beyond. 

Together, we can ensure that your talent acquisition strategy is not only in line with industry trends but also tailored to surpass your unique requirements. Get in touch with us today to unlock the potential of your workforce and stay ahead of the competition.

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