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Global Executive Search Reach

Our international headhunting team have a history of success in headhunting key / tactical hires for many years with an amazing degree of success.

We present out clients with their data on an interactive 24/7 portal so that they can check in on progress at any time.  This means that your are always in the loop and fully informed on progress.

In our delivery portal, our clients are able to visualise progress, see key stats such as how many people have been considered, how many have been assessed, how many have been declined or have declined the role. The stats go much deeper into which businesses candidate have been considered from, their salaries, locations & of course a full document library of their profiles.

This is achieved  thanks to support from the leading CRM / ATS & Technology API lead integrations that enable us to present data in a way that ads value to out customers.

Identify, approach & motivate

Traditionally used mainly for middle to senior level management and board level appointments, more businesses are turning to executive search to fulfil roles that are hard to fill or require specific industry or technical knowledge.

As we exit a period of European uncertainty, more businesses are turning to executive search firms to attract high level candidates.

These businesses realise that putting talent acquisition at the forefront of their strategy will help them maximise their opportunities for growth over the next few years by attracting their competitors key resources.

Global exec search

Uncertainty has made the very best candidates more reluctant to move, therefore less exist waiting to be found on job boards; high achievers simply aren't accessible by traditional recruitment methods such as agencies and advertising.  Executive Search is the process of identification and proactive targeting of the aforementioned high achievers or relevant key resources and attracting them to our clients.

Our team have successfully delivered executive search assignments across a vast variety of disciplines including sales, marketing, technical, operations, finance and main board across a diverse range of industry sectors.

We offer a full set of Executive Search services to clients in the UK, Europe, Gulf, Middle East, Asia, Australia and America.


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Search & Selection Process - Global Executive Search

Executive Search is and has always been, at the heart of what we do. We have over 20 years of experience in advising clients on the attraction of high-level, market-specific individuals from their competitors on a global scale.

In doing so, Resilient is able to deliver a client-centric, accurate, quality-focused approach. Our consultants are dedicated to meeting clients’ needs and providing resources that offer a competitive advantage.

Additional services that our firm offers, including executive interim appointments, critical hire market mapping and competency assessment, complement our principal service and are frequently provided to companies who are already long-term clients with Resilient Management Solutions.

Its not luck, its where you look...

Embedded virtical experience is the key

"Its not luck, its where you look..."

It is critical for a search professional to understand the vertical which they recruit, it enables a credible dialog to unfold with a passive, approached candidate that would otherwise have been dismissed at first glance.

Let be honest, the candidates that are truly worth having are the individuals who have delivered tangible results and are respected by their organisation.

For us, delivering a strong shortlist where all presented are selected for assessment and our client is equally confident that they have a strong selection from which to appoint.

Our mission is to make appointments that genuinely make a difference, those appointments typically go on to build and lead very successful teams and nothing gives us more pleasure than when we are asked to support that growth by the appointment of further critical hires.

We gain the trust of our clients by consistently placing the right candidates. In order to achieve our quality standards, resilient follows a bespoke Search process with each and every search mandate.