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Fintech is a fast-growing sector with currently over 76,500 employees, however Fintech employers expect growth to over 100k jobs across Fintech in the UK. At present there is a shortage of candidates and Fintech Recruitment practices must adapt to bring uniquely skilled leaders & specialists to their clients in 2021. 

As fintech recruiters we understand the sector as we track the key players, new solutions & start-ups. We make it our business to understand how the market is organised by function to ensure that we are able to accurately identify & attract against key leadership and critical hire assignments that enable our clients to select from 'vertical specific', talented individuals.

Over the years we have worked on a variety of fintech recruitment briefs and in every case ensured that our our clients find the resources they need and the candidates find the right career path with the right employer. Following appointment we remain tightly integrated so that the placement goes on to achieve great results.

As an Critical Hire, Leadership & Executive Search recruitment firm we spend a significant amount of time integrating, networking and building lasting rapport with a variety of candidate skill types and levels and stay up to speed with news and developments broadly across the Financial Technology Recruitment market. We also stay up to speed with developments, shifts and regulatory changes as well as partnering with start-ups and business who are early to market.

Our Leadership & Critical Hire practice is headed by our MD with more than 20 years of senior level executive search experience across the Fintech, Technology, Business Transformation, Energy, Renewables , Facility Management, BMS Systems, AI & MI, Commercial Operation & Business Improvement to name but a few.

Our team is supported by very experienced researchers, who spend their time understanding and mapping out industry sectors in order to deliver quality vertical specific candidates to time, cost and quality parameters to fill critical hire appointments for our clients.

We are a forward-thinking organisation, both regarding our internal operations, our client portal and also how we creatively deliver our search activities to our clients benefit. Our approach is uniquely candidate-centric as we delve deeper and go beyond understanding what a candidate is capable of but also what drives them and gives them reason, purpose & passion. 

By understanding a candidate’s true innate strengths, we can present them with appropriate opportunities where they can add value & the organisation and candidate both flourish. Our clients benefit from not only hiring talented people who are especially experience in their sector but also individuals who are motivated and high performing leaders in their own right.

Whatever your leadership needs are, our time-tested 60 step innovative search approach enables us to successfully deliver our client appointments confidently and in a way that offers added advantage by acquiring the leaders who posses the skills, market knowledge and the abilities required to achieve.

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Fintech Recruitment solutions, Critial Hire & Leadership search
UK, US, Australia, Middle East & EMEA

Any business that uses technical innovation in the Financial Services industry to be more efficient, improve accessibility or for better financial management or credit decisioning will typically partner with a successful Fintech recruitment provider to find specific candidates and specialised skills in one way or another.

The wonderful world of Fintech offers the banking industry technical solutions that enable it to be more efficient and with better services than ever before.

It’s a widely recognised industry which has developed significantly over the last decade not merely with the diverse range of jobs but also with the types of jobs that are required. From portable banking and fraud prevention / protection, money portability, lease, loan, credit finance and Asset Management to cryptographic money and venture applications, fintech has wide applications.

The UK is has a strong and varied Fintech Sector but just like the rest of the world the UK has a shortage of suitably qualified candidates. 

Recruitment Solutions for a Fintech Business

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Executive Search & Selection recruitment across Fintech segments

  • Mobile Banking Phone Apps
  • Online Account Access
  • Blockchain & Crypto Currencies
  • Contact Centre Automation
  • Document & Digital Signature Solutions
  • Insurance & Automotive Telematics
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Phone based Security Verification
  • Credit & Under-writing decisioning systems
  • Chatbots
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Loan Origination Platforms
  • Quantum Computing
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions

One Fintech driving factor is that numerous conventional banks often become early adopters of external fintech product innovation, sometimes jointly putting resources in to advance their own processes by cooperating with new fintech companies or in some cases acquiring them. It is often a faster, safer and a simpler route to partner than to develop in house.

Our clients appreciate us for our market knowledge / network as a fintech recruiter and trust us to add value across multiple recruitment assignments more than a traditional agency. Equally we help many startups to establish their new to market offering not only by helping them to attract key resources but also by introducing if not integrating them with our clients & contacts.


We cover a wide range of roles, but here's a few by way of example, however we have placed many others.

  • PreSales Engineers / Manager / Director
  • Business Development Manager / Head of / Director / SVP
  • Account / Relationship Manager / Head of Account Management / Director Global Accounts
  • Operations Manager / Head of / Director
  • Test Manager / Head of Testing / Test Director
  • Technical / Business Analysts / Senior Business Analyst / Head of Business Analysis / Director
  • System Analysts / Technical Solution Analysis / Functional Analyst / Configuration Specialist Head of / Director
  • DevOps Engineer / Consultant / Manager / Head of / Director
  • Support Consultant / Manager / Head of / Director
  • Product Manager / head of Product Management / Product Director
  • System Architect / Solutions Architect / Senior / Head of System Architecture
  • Developer / Senior Developer / Development Lead / Head of Software Development / Director
  • Project Manager / Portfolio Manager / Programme Manager / Head of / Director of Programme Delivery
  • Project Manager / Portfolio Manager / Programme Manager / Head of / Director of Programme Delivery
  • PMO Coordinator / PMO Manager / Head of PMO / PMO Director
  • Delivery Manager / Head of / Director
  • Integration, Migration, Front, Middle or Back office Specialists
  • Operations Manager / Head of / Director / Country Director
  • Client Relationship Manager / Head of Delivery / Director
  • Sales Manager / Head of Sales / Sales Director / VP of Sales
  • Hosting Engineer / Manager / Infrastructure Director / Head of / Hosting Director
  • Service Delivery Manager / Head of / Director
  • Management Information / Business Intelligence Consultant / Head or Director of MI / BI / CIO
  • IT Manager / Head of IT / Global Head of IT / IT Director / IT & Systems VP
  • Lead / Head of / Director / VP of Business Transformation
  • Director / Head of, Senior Legal, Risk, Under-writing & Credit Decisioning specialists

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Fintech organisations broadly speaking create and deliver technical innovations in the FS markets (be it; AI, blockchain, BI, MI and business transformation, to name but a few) to make for secure, quicker and more proficient services to be offered. Fintech is one of the quickest developing tech startup areas at present often run out of London, the south or major cities with innovation growth.


Fintech is an old industry, one that has advanced rapidly as new technical capability has emerged. Innovation has, somewhat, consistently been important for the monetary world, regardless of whether it's the presentation of charge cards during the 1950s or ATMs, electronic exchanging floors, individual accounting applications and high recurrence financial exchanges.

The individual elements behind a Financial Services innovation differ from one task to another, application to application, business to business or sector to sector. The most current advances, notwithstanding, are using AI calculations, blockchain and information science to do everything from measure credit risk with API enabled connected services and 3rd party credit referencing agencies. Indeed, there is presently a subset of administrative innovation named "regtech" intended to meet constantly changing often intricate compliance, data management and administrative issues faced by large Financial Service business.

AI & Machine Learning play an Increasingly valuable part in technical finance orientated solutions and skills are in high demand within the Recruitment sector. Our clients trust us to deliver complex often hard to fill vacancies where others have failed.


Even though Fintech’s offer industry-evolving innovation, long standing FS organisations and banks are continually adopting their advancements to better their own offerings. This is achieved by offing services or solutions to customers where the idea has been obvious but historically the technology was not available to implement.

The industry is both advancing and disruptive as big organisation adapt their operations, hierarchy setups and plans adapt to suit by implementing the best strategies, solutions, TOM's or systems. As a Recruitment business with a team dedicated toward the recruitment and selection of the worlds finest Fintech specialists, we keep a close ear to the ground to stay best informed of mergers, deals, new solutions to market or key movers and shakers.

As mentioned, there are many verticals Fintech breaks down into but here are our main ones:

Recruitment - Industries & Coverage

  • Automotive Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Private & Commercial Banking
  • Alternative Investments & Hedge Funds
  • Business & Commercial Finance
  • Financial Exchanges
  • Retail Banking
  • Insurance Technology & Platforms
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital (VS)
  • Management & Technology Consultancy
  • First to market
  • Innovation Labs & Technology Hubs
  • E-Signature
  • Document Management

Business Operations & Software Platforms

Front Office:

Automotive Finance, Asset tracking, Asset Finance, Equipment Finance, Captive Finance, Forecourt & Retail Solutions, Aggregator based Finance, Commercial Lending, B2C Finance, Mortgage, Property & Estates.

Middle & Back Office

Transactional Management ; Transactional Processing, Data Governance, Data Connectivity & Architecture, Big Data Solutions, Management Information & Dashboard Solutions, Business Intelligence, Accounting Systems, Data Analysis & Migration, System Change & Process Alignment, Clearing / Settlements & Reconciliations.

Reporting & Compliance: 

Internal & External Reporting / policy, Regulatory Reporting, Tax based Reporting (Regulations include:, IFRS, AML, PSD2, MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, EMIR, AIFMD, ICITS V, MAD II, CSDR, T+2, FATCA, Basel III, CRD IV, HKMA, PRIIPs, T2S,  Solvency II.

Fintech recruitment in banking


Mobile banking is an emerging topic. In the realm of consumer based finance the market has progressively expected simple digital access to balances, particularly on a mobile. Most significant banks presently offer some sort of mobile device access, some better than others particularly with the ascent of neobanks.

Neobanks are online banks with no on the high-street presence, which certainly lends as a business model well given global Covid-19 restrictions. Serving clients with checking, saving accounts, instalment, loan and mortgage management on a totally versatile, easily accessible digital or mobile basis.

Fintech recruitment technology RegTech


Regtech is destinctly a part of the fintech sector that specifically focuses on regulatory technology.

This taps into the power of big data, artificial intelligence and in more recent advancements blockchain to reduce financial risk yet at the same time increase regulatory compliance & Transparency.

Its aim to ultimately eradicate laundering and fraud which costs the global economy an estimated £1.5 trillion annually.

We work on a variety of different vacancies from Critical Hire vacancies to Senior technical or Leadership vacancies.

FinTech Recruitment Resilient Management Solutions LendTech


Financial Services lenders seek to deploy the latest in financial tech to better streamline their traditionally often non transparent and often out-of-date credit evaluation and lending process and customer management. Over recent year Fintech has enabled lenders to speed up their credit decisioning process, speed up payment processing and offer transparency, with connected systems it has also provided lenders with the ability to offer uniquely personalised experiences to the end customer.

Fintech Recruitment InsureTech


Regtech describes the part of the fintech sector that specifically focuses on regulatory technology which taps into the power of big data, artificial intelligence and in more recent advancements blockchain to reduce financial risk yet at the same time increase regulatory compliance & Transparency.