Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in 2020

In a saturated landscape where there are more open positions than job-seekers, headhunting for top talent can be tricky. Candidates live in a fast-paced world where any bumps along the recruitment process can become a turn-off, so enhancing your company’s recruitment strategy is more important than ever if you want to stay ahead.

Recruitment itself is a multi-step process, but one of the first things you can do is to identify common recruiting challenges. Doing so will help you assess weak points in your human resource development efforts so you can make necessary changes to improve your company’s hiring efficiency.

Tip #1: Consider Offload Sourcing to Attract High-Level Candidates

The market for top professionals is on fire as far-flung companies struggle to hire the right candidates despite the fierce competition. Getting a head start can make wonders for your interview-to-hire bottom line, from finding the right balance between creating candidate insights from the recruitment data to generating the best job opportunity for senior executives and other board positions.

Seeing as the hiring process plays out in a rapid tempo, successful companies found ways to keep up. One way to attract quality candidates—from talented department heads to senior managers—is to delegate the responsibility of top-level recruiting to expert headhunters.

Working with independent recruiters can take a massive weight off your load as they can connect with qualified candidates at a faster rate and allow you to focus on developing your product and training new team members. This format allows your company to establish real connections with interested job-hunters.

Tip #2: Establish a Personalised Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Attracting top talents in this candidate-driven job market is challenging, which is why companies need to develop a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to stand out from the highly competitive crowd.

Since no two companies are alike, an EVP allows businesses to expound on their unique qualities, such as how their company can offer benefits to the workforce. Independent recruiters can help you in this field by developing a personalised EVP that aligns with your company values, goals, and culture.  With a dedicated headhunter and compelling EVP, the recruitment process can provide the best-in-class candidate experience.

Tip #3: Develop Well-Rounded Compensation Packages

High-quality applicants are no longer basing their decisions on the salary and benefits alone. In recent years, the culture, job value, and opportunities for career development serve as the primary motivators for candidates.

The primary goal of executive headhunters is to hire highly-qualified talents, which means they have direct access and years of experience in searching for the best candidate from different backgrounds. By combining industry knowledge and specialised technology, independent recruiters can develop a competitive compensation package to target top-level managers for their clients.


Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to source, screen, and place top talent in this competitive job market—especially when it comes to positions as high-stake as managerial and senior roles. Working alongside a professional executive search organisation can catapult you ahead in the race for high-quality candidates.

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