‘It’s not luck, it’s where you look…’


We provide Executive Search services to leading organisations; as a trusted partner we represent your business at the highest level, to attract and capture future management & business leaders! We are Resilient together.

Our Executive Search experience is far reaching and spans compensation and benefits packages from £60,000 – £300,000 per annum. It is our distinguished, proficiency of approach that differentiates us from our competition. We absorb detailed briefings and truly understand the intricacies of our clients vertical, their team dynamics and approach all interactions with gravitas and dedication; ensuring a level of trust and confidence is delivered. Thats our promise to you!




So who are we ?


Our consultants have a record of success in securing top talent from around the world with a pure search global reach that identifies, attracts, captures, and retains from a number of specialist industries sectors. The demand for top talent has never been greater than today, regardless of industry or location. Our clients know that employing leaders who possess both vision and entrepreneurial skills are critical to successful business dealings.

The acquisition and retention of C-level appointments is acknowledged by business leaders as one of their most critical tasks. For this reason, Resilient Management Solutions adopts no less than a 60 stage, fully documented search and selection, strategic, Executive Search process; ensuring the candidates, and market intelligence presented are of an optimal quality that is both in sync with, and supportive of your business goals and objectives. Visibility of this process is available upon request.

We appreciate that at this level, the sensitivity of such an appointment is often held in the highest confidentiality and security; consequently, as a compulsory measure, we ensure confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) are in place between Resilient Management Solutions and the respective candidates before any key criteria is communicated.

We are here to help, contact us to confidentially discuss your needs; We are only one call away.